[Comparison] Your Window Unit Verses A Central Heating and Air System

Central AC UnitWhen deciding how to cool and condition their houses, most new homeowners have two options: central air conditioning through an HVAC system, or a window unit in each room. Each method has its own strengths, but a full HVAC system instillation is the best option for those looking to cool their whole home.

For a house with multiple rooms, central heating and cooling will use less energy than several window units. Though a single window unit uses less energy and is more efficient overall than a central unit, several window units would be needed to cool an entire home. With a central system, the air moves through one venting system to one unit that uses a single power source. In a large home, multiple window units would be needed, sapping power from multiple sources within the home.

Central units are also able to store more hardware than window units. Being larger, a central unit is able to hold advanced machinery, allowing them to process air more efficiently. This amount of machinery also allows for greater user interface with a central unit than a window unit. Users can control the speed at which a central unit cools their home, with most thermostats having an “auto” option. Window units only have two options, “off” and “on.”

window unitWindow units are also especially ill suited for humid climates. Owners of these units cannot seal the window where the unit is placed; meaning warm air and humidity can seep in through the cracks. The unit is also likely to accumulate condensation when it’s working hard to cool a room. This condensation can move inside from the outside of the window, introducing more moisture. A dehumidifier would have to be purchased to supplement the conditioning power of any window units where moisture is a concern.

This is where the fundamental difference between a window unit and central air is important. A window unit works by cooling a small amount of air—usually in one room—very quickly and to a more extreme degree than its larger counterpart. A central air conditioning unit, however, processes all of the air in a home. It cools air little-by-little, continually decreasing the temperature in small increments until the desired setting is reached. The gradual cooling and shifting through the unit dries the air in the home, eradicating any problems with humidity.

If you live in a family home in a humid climate, central air conditioning is a more reliable, efficient way to cool your home. Purchasing a central unit will save you money and the hassle of tending to multiple devices. If window units or an out-of-date central cooling system currently cools your home, contact Go Direct Appliance to discuss your situation. Our expert HVAC sales team will be able to recommend the best way to update your home’s heating and cooling equipment.