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Daizuki’s High Tech Mini-Split Systems

Daizuki is a relatively new brand compared to HVAC giants like Trane and Goodman, but customer reviews are positive across the web.

According to the company’s website, Daizuki was created “to offer green technology and beautiful design in Air Conditioners worldwide.” In pursuit of this goal, Daizuki offers a line of ductless mini-split systems run on only clean R-410a refrigerant. Blue Fin anti-corrosion technology—an air-dry coating providing protection to coils within the product—extends equipment life of every unit and maintains operating efficiency.

All Daizuki products are certified through the Air-conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute, and all products bear Intertek’s ETL Mark. This indicates that Daizuki units have undergone extensive independent testing and comply with all North American safety standards.

State of the Art Products

Daizuki produces a line of ductless mini-split systems featuring the latest in DC Inverter technology. In these units, an adjustable electrical inverter is used to control the speed of the unit’s compressor and heating/cooling output. This control allows the unit to continually regulate the temperature in your home, keeping it as cold or hot as you’d like. These inverter systems tend to last longer than traditional systems and operate more quietly. Though they can be costly, inverter systems are also more efficient, and pay for themselves in as little as two years. Daizuki offers inverter systems in a range of efficiencies, from 15.5 to 23 SEER. Units of 20 SEER and above include WiFi connectivity options.

Daizuki’s WiFi-enabled systems come with a range of consumer features, including iFeel, a function that works with a remote control sensor to adjust your unit. The remote can sense your presence as you sit near it and set the unit to the most comfortable mode for you. Standard Daizuki models boast their own upgrades, including self-cleaning and anti-fungus functions.

Registering Daizuki products for warranty is also fairly straightforward. Customers simply fill out a questionnaire online and send it in to the company. Warranty covering manufacturing errors extends for two years and compressor warranty extends for five. Exceptions and rules for the warranty are listed on the company website and only take up a page, unlike some other complicated warranty agreements.

R-410a Refrigerant

Daizuki’s commitment to R-410a refrigerant is part of a movement by all HVAC companies away from R-22 refrigerant, usually called Freon. In 2010, the U.S. government officially banned the manufacture of new HVAC models using R-22, a process that will continue through 2029. Not only do R-22 refrigerant and other alkly halide refrigerants contribute to depletion of the ozone, they are also less effective in general. R-410a refrigerant allows for higher SEER ratings, which lowers energy consumption and substantially lessens greenhouse emissions. R-410a has also been shown to extend the life of some appliances by reducing vibrations and break downs.

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