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Get your Daizuki mini split system from Go Direct Appliance today!

  • Go Direct
  • October 22, 2018

If you are looking for a new or replacement mini split system, check out our superior Daizuki products. You can get your hands on one by ordering from Go Direct Appliance right now. There are plenty of options and the service you will receive is outstanding.

What is a mini split system and why do I need one from Daizuki?

A mini-split system is intended to put cooler or warmer air into only a few rooms of a house, or sometimes even only one. Look into what the system you are buying is capable of doing before you purchase it to make sure it is the right fit for your needs. The mini-split system is mostly characterized by being ductless. This means that the units are smaller and there is a much greater flexibility in where they can go. Individual rooms will have the ability to handle completely different needs for heating and cooling with these systems. Maybe you have a child’s room that prefers the temperature to be a bit warmer while they nap. Next door, in the parent’s room, it may be preferred to sleep in a very cold room at night. Both of these are easily achievable with a mini-split system. This independence from room to room is a huge selling point on these types of systems.

In addition to that, the amount of space needed inside of walls is significantly reduced when you pick a Daizuki system. Without the ducts to deal with, you will have less hassle during the installation and more free space once your units are installed. As with all systems, there will be a compressor and heat exchanger as well. These can be placed farther away than a normal system could from a house. That is because they do not need to be connected with only a wall in between them like other, larger systems.

There are many different BTU options available with the Daizukis that are being offered through Go Direct Appliance. The staff on the team at Go Direct will be happy to answer questions you have about which would be best for your needs.

The efficiency within these is noted with the number before SEER in their listings. There is corrosion protection on all of the necessary pieces from a company called Blue Fin. This ensures that if you live in and install this in a location where the more traditional coatings would wear down and fair, this Daizuki will stay strong and continue to work for you. The technology behind the Full Inverter makes this unit far more quiet than you would ever imagine. In addition to the ease of having a quiet house, this inverter will make sure that you have less breakdowns as well. That saves you on operating costs, but also saves you time. No one ever wants to spend time waiting around to have an air conditioning unit fixed and every time you see the name Daizuki you can know that you’re in good hands.

What is the quality of the Daizuki mini split systems?

The quality of these mini split systems is proven with its AHRI certification. The ETL mark of quality is also on all of the systems, showing that you have indeed made the best decision. Also, by going to Go Direct Appliance you know that you have a full team of people behind you ready to help with all of your questions. The pricing through Go Direct is great and usually even beats out on local warehouses. With the full staff at Go Direct, you have access to customer service that surpasses lesser known competition. The staff is some of the most trusted out there in terms of finding the right system for your needs and also with installing it. The hard working attitudes are apparent with every interaction. Reach out today to find the best mini split system for you and your home!

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