Daikin Ductless Mini Splits at Go Direct Appliance

If you’re tired of paying more than you should for your air conditioning and heating needs, it’s time to look into Go Direct Appliance. We are a wholesaler of appliances and want to make sure you’re getting the best deal. You may be looking into Daikin Ductless Mini Splits, and we have some options for your home or office.

To start, the ductless mini split system is always a solid choice because they can be installed in a new construction building or replace existing systems. Essentially, there’s never an unfortunate time to tackle this project.

Daikin Ductless Mini Splits

The ductless mini split system is beneficial because it allows for greater individualized climate control than traditional heat pumps or AC systems. The indoor unit simply needs mounting and a plug to begin working while the small outdoor unit just needs a small space outside. The small indoor parts are then placed in the individual rooms. These are incredible replacements for outdated heating and cooling systems like window units, baseboard heaters, and space heaters.

The ductless mini split system is affordable through Go Direct Appliance, and it continues saving you money because you’ll be able to control the temperature in individual rooms. Let’s say you’re home for the weekend but plan on hosting a party in the main area of the house. You won’t be in the bedrooms during the day so you can regulate the bedroom differently than the living room.

As an added bonus, the ductless mini split system uses substantially less power than the standard forced air system. This means you can decrease your carbon footprint and save money at the same time! Ductless mini split systems also give you cleaner air. Usually, central air moves through ducts which are often home to allergens and dust. No ducts, no problem!

Split systems are incredible because you get to choose whether you want both heating and AC. If you live in an area where you really only need a heating system for the winter, this is the best option. However, if you live in the south where sweating is a lifestyle, you may opt for the AC system only. This is different from a packaged unit which combines heat and AC capabilities.

Again, we are a wholesaler trying to give you the best possible deal. Go Direct Appliance Warehouse also offers a 10-year warranty, and it can be valid even when items are purchased online! We also offer free shipping to select states, so check us out online to see if your home state made the cut. If not, we offer some additional options to make sure you can the best prices too!