Daizuki Mini Split Systems at Go Direct Appliance

When it comes time to looking for a new air conditioning system, you are going to want something that is high quality and efficient. The Daizuki Mini Split System is able to cool your rooms to the precise temperatures you want, while staying efficient and not wasting energy. There are many great options available at Go Direct Appliance that you can look through today.

How Do the Daizuki Mini Split Systems Work? 

Mini Split Systems might be a new concept to you, especially if central air conditioning is what you have used in the past. These Daizukis are ductless, which is possible because an indoor unit blows air that is already in your home through cool evaporator coils. A refrigerant absorbs that heat and sends it to an outside unit. What makes these systems the most unique is that the indoor unit sits within the room it is cooling. That allows you to make individualized decisions based on need, instead of unnecessarily cooling the entire house all day long. You can choose from 16 or 22 SEER and different BTU options from 12,000 to 30,000. Whatever coverage your home or office needs, Daizuki can be the perfect fit.

Daikin Ductless Mini Splits

What is it Like Shopping for a Daizuki at Go Direct Appliance? 

The Go Direct Appliance experience is unique from most of the other appliance sellers you have seen. Most customers make their way to Go Direct Appliance from word of mouth, which shows that customer satisfaction is high. Prices are always great and usually even beat your local wholesalers. There is a strong drive among all of the team to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for. Shipping is free and happens either day-of or next business day.