Daikin Single Zone Mini Splits at Go Direct Appliance

If you are looking for a new Daikin Single Zone Mini Split system, Go Direct Appliance has what you need. You will find many options to choose from to make sure you have the right system for your home or office. 

Daikin Mini Split System

How Does a Mini Split System Work?

Your new Daikin HVAC system will produce the same comfortable temperatures as any other central heating and cooling system, but without the ductwork. This makes them perfect for places where ductwork does not already exist, in rooms where you want fully customized temperatures, or in a home or office that is looking to become more efficient. 

There is an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor and condenser within these systems. The indoor units are connected to the outdoor compressor with a small refrigerant line, rather than a much larger duct system. The outdoor unit can be connected to multiple indoor units, though individual rooms continue to have their own controls. With this, you only need to have the rooms heated and cooled as you use them, which saves you a large amount of energy and money. The number of indoor units you install in your home or office will depend on the size you are covering. If you have questions about what the best set up for your specific space will be, you can contact the team at Go Direct Appliance to have your questions answered. 

Daikin makes a top of the line Mini Split System, with 17 SEER and various BTU ratings. This means you will be able to find the right option for your room size, which will always keep you comfortable. 

What is it Like Working with Go Direct Appliance?

Once you know you are looking for a Daikin Mini Split System, it will be easy to be in a newly air conditioned room in no time. Go Direct Appliance has incredible customer service, with your satisfaction as their number one priority. You will not only receive free shipping on your order, but there are various warranties, guarantees, and return policies that will ensure you can make your purchase without worry. Be sure to ask about the 10 year warranty that Go Direct Appliance offers, which will have you in good hands for a long time to come. 

Contact us today to see which system is right for you. We have a great inventory to choose from at Go Direct Appliance.