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  • September 20, 2018
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There are a few different circumstances that have you in the market for a new air conditioner. You could be building a new house or building and need a new Goodman air conditioner to fit in, the one at your current house or building could be getting old enough to wear you feel like it is time to replace before you are a in a jam, or you could wake up or walk in one day to find a room far hotter than it should be. In all of these instances, Go Direct Appliance has what you need to get your space cooled down again quickly, and at the best prices!

What is it like choosing Go Direct Appliance for your next Goodman air conditioner?

Finding yourself on Go Direct Appliance’s website means that you are in a good spot. There is no better way to find high quality Goodman appliances at such a price. They stand apart from other appliance dealers because of the work ethic that goes into every interaction and sale. A customer’s satisfaction means more to them than anything. There is so much repeat business going on in their sales that you can be assured that you have found yourself in a good spot. A special thing about buying your next Goodman appliance through Go Direct Appliance is how easy they are to work with when you need something serviced. Often times it is you sitting at home for hours and days on end waiting for someone to give you a slice of time in their day. When you purchase through Go Direct Appliance, the scheduling happens fast. That way, if someone goes awry with your machine, you will be back in working order in no time.

Goodman products

What Goodman appliances do you offer at Go Direct Appliance?

Goodman has a huge range of systems available. There are numerous different types and models, so you can find precisely what it is you are looking for. There are many different options if a heat pump system or a split system heat pump are what you are interested in. There are a few big differences between these two systems, so know what you want before you dive in. A heat pump system will draw cool air from inside your house and heat it in the appliance, then return the heated air to you. If you are looking for the opposite, it does the reverse as well. In one system, the cold air gets colder and the hot air gets hotter. This means way more efficiency than older systems and you will be working at very efficient levels. The entire unit of your heat pump system will be outside and it will be contained to one place. On the other end is the split system heat pump. Unlike the standard heat pump, this system has parts that are both inside and outside of the house. The compressor and condenser stay outside of the house, keeping things efficient there as it uses pressure and compression to create the temperature of air you are looking for. On the inside of your house, you will have an air handler, which is where the air is distributed from. A big difference between the two systems is that the split system heat pump usually is ductless, meaning that individual air handlers are placed in different rooms. Then, they can be managed individually. This is a huge plus if say, you want your bedroom cold but your living room warmer. It could even go as far as put different bedrooms at different temperatures based on the wants and needs of your family members.

These systems are not the only Goodman products that Go Direct Appliance has. There are gas package units of all shapes and power, making sure you can get your hands on exactly what you need. If you have questions about what appliance would be perfect for your setup, the Go Direct Appliance team is ready to help you get your questions answered.

Find Great Goodman Products at Go Direct Appliance

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With a variety of tremendous products made by Goodman available at Go Direct Appliance, you are sure to find what you are looking for. They have numerous systems available. One of them will surely fit your business’s or home’s needs.

Go Direct Appliance has Heat Pump Split Systems in their Goodman product offerings

One of the most exciting type of products they have is their split system heat pump. These are a great modern convenience because the indoor and outdoor parts do not need a duct to function. When you do not have a duct, you still only need one condenser, which will be on the outside of the house, but what makes this unique is that you can connect multiple indoor air handlers to it. This is great technology because you can have different temperatures in different rooms or parts of the house. Many people like to have different settings for where they sleep and where they spend their time during the day. There are so many Goodman products that make this possible, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Another very exciting thing about these products is that when are operating a system without a duct, it is impossible to lose heat that way. Losing heat is a huge way that energy is lost, with older products, but also across the globe in millions of different ways. When you get rid of duct work, it becomes impossible for such a thing to happen. In the long run, the more people using products by Goodman such as these, the bigger the positive effect it will have on our planet.

There are some other product features that Goodman is standing proud about. A big one is them using R-410A refrigerant. This may not mean anything to you right off the bat, but it is important because they have made the switch to an environmentally friendly product. Go Direct Appliance is very happy to see that these decisions are being made across a wide variety of the products Goodman is offering.

Goodman gas furnaces offered in Go Direct Appliance product lineup

While it is summer now, with the price offerings on the Goodman gas furnaces, it is a great time to be looking to buy these products. You can get a gas furnace that will have two-stage heating that includes fans that can change their speed. This means that you have significantly more power than just on or off with these machines. You will have a thermostat on your wall that is easily adjusted to request the perfect room temperature. From here, there is a small signal (electric) that tells the burner to turn on, opens the valve to allow the air to flow, and turns the fan on. These three simple actions are what make your system work, making sure that you will never be cold in your own home.

Great warranties offered

Not only do you know you are getting a good product from the start, but many of the systems you buy from Go Direct Appliance automatically come with a 10 year warranty. This warranty is great for their products because they are handled by individual parts, meaning you will not have to deal with a full system reinstallation if just one piece needs repairing. Another exciting catch that shows Go Direct Appliance is on your side is that their warranty includes the compressor. Once you buy a Goodman products with them, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you are set for a very long time.

In addition to all of these, be on the lookout of a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty, which is available on some of the Goodman products.

Check out all of the fantastic products available at Go Direct Appliance today, including Goodman products. With many different product offers, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Though there are some highlights here, there is endless amounts of information about these systems for sale. Thankfully, they have a message service available at all times to make sure all of your questions get answered.

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