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What’s Right for Me? Package Unit vs. Split-System

Your old air conditioning unit is on its last legs and you’re looking for a new one. The problem is, you don’t know what type of HVAC system will best suit your home. How do you decide?

Daizuki’s High Tech Mini-Split Systems

Daizuki offers a line of ductless mini-split systems run on clean R-410a refrigerant and includes state of the art technology that extends equipment life.

All About Goodman

Since Goodman’s inception the company has expanded and become a member of the world’s largest HVAC manufacturing group, Daikin.

The “Smart” Choice

These days, it seems as if every device is “smart.” You might own a smart phone, a smart TV or a smart watch, but what about a smart thermostat?

Purchase the Perfect Air Conditioning Unit By Understanding The SEER Rating

The terms retailers and manufacturers use when describing air condition systems can seem foreign to the everyday buyer, making purchasing a new air conditioner a daunting task. One common term, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, rating, is important to understand before you make a purchase.