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Mr. Cool Electric Heat Kit for Package Unit 7.5kw

Mr. Cool Electric Heat Kit for Package Unit 7.5kw

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Mr. Cool Electric Heat Kit (7.5 kW) MHK07P for Package Unit

The 7.5 KW heat kit for MRCOOL Signature series Package Units is a reliable source of backup heat for your home. A heat kit is designed to provide emergency electric heat so you are never left out in the cold. MHK07P is compatible with MRCOOL MPC241M414A, MPC301M414A, MPC361M414A, MPC421M414A, MPC481M414A, MPC601M414A, MPH241M414A, MPH301M414A, MPH361M414A, MPH421M414A, MPH481M414A and MPH601M414A.

  • Provides emergency heat for your MRCOOL package unit
  • MHK07P can provide 25001 – 30000 BTU of heat
  • Circuit breaker is provided for modular blower
  • Sequencers for better temperature control
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