Straight Cool Split Systems (Electric)

Straight Cool Split Systems (Electric)

Straight Cool Split Systems for Sale

Straight Cool Split Systems, also known as Electric Split Systems, are one of the most popular HVAC systems in the United States, especially in regions with colder temperatures. Straight cool AC units are made of two major components: an air handler and a condensing unit, and the condenser is responsible for removing moisture from the air while the air handler dispenses cool air throughout your house. While a Straight Cool Split System is mainly used for cooling, an electric heat strip can be placed within the unit to warm the air as well. Here at Go Direct Appliance, we have a wide selection of HVAC systems and straight cool systems for sale, including some of your favorite brands like Goodman Split Systems and Direct Comfort Split Systems! Shop our excellent selection of Straight Cool Split Systems for sale today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Straight Cool Split Systems

What is a straight cool split system?

A straight cool split system is an HVAC appliance that uses a condenser to remove moisture and cool the air, and an air handler to move the conditioned air through your home. As indicated by the name, straight cool split systems do not contain a furnace and do not provide an option for heating, so they are best utilized in warm climates or in conjunction with a separate heating system or electric heating strips.

How many major parts does a straight cool split system have?

Straight cool split systems are made up of four major parts; the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and an expansion valve. Put simply, these components work in succession to change the density of a coolant. When this fluid is expanded, it pulls heat from the surrounding air, and this cooled air can be distributed throughout a space. The fluid is then compressed again, and the cycle is able to start again.

What is the difference between a package unit and a split system?

Split systems have separate components for heating and cooling, sometimes requiring completely separate systems, while a packaged system contains both elements in one unit. It is important to note that a straight cool split system requires the addition of electric heat strips to provide heating.