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Welcome to Go Direct Appliance!

Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

Go Direct Appliance has a large selection of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) appliances including variable speed blowers, AC condensers, heat pumps, gas furnaces, complete air conditioning systems, and much more. We carry brands such as Goodman, Mr. Cool, Daikin, and Miami Heat Pump and offer products with varying capabilities and specifications so you can find exactly what you are looking for. We have the best HVAC and home appliance prices online, including your local wholesalers. There is a reason that about 76% of our yearly transactions come from repeat business or referrals! If you have any questions regarding the many products we offer, then do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Geothermal Heat Pumps & Ductless Mini Splits

If you are looking for geothermal heat pumps or ductless mini splits, Go Direct Appliance has you covered. We carry vertical and horizontal geothermal heat pumps, as well as single, dual, tri, and quad zone ductless mini splits. Our ductless mini splits come from a range of manufacturers: Daiken, Everwell, Mr. Cool, among others. 

HVAC Accessories

Looking for individual components instead of full systems? Go Direct Appliance has electric heat kits, mini split installation kits, and copper line sets that can be used in HVAC repairs or installation. Not sure what you need? Don’t hesitate to call us to get more information on the product you are looking for.

A Passion for Customer Satisfaction

Superior customer service and high quality products are the two calling cards of Go Direct Appliance. When you come to us for HVAC and Home Appliances, you will be served by experts who offer free technical support and expertise. What’s more, easy online purchasing and quick deliveries make your complete customer service experience one that cannot be beat.

The top-quality products at Go Direct Appliance come with a customer satisfaction guaranteed warranty. We offer 10-year warranties on our products and will replace any truly defective parts upon your shipping them back. Even though we are located in Valdosta, GA, we provide free shipping to businesses with a dock or freight terminal pickup in majority of states across the south including Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and Texas. We own our own shipping service so we can provide you the best shipping rates possible. If you have any questions regarding shipping and rates, returns or exchanges, or products in general, contact us today by calling 229-316-1266 and we can answer whatever you need.