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Looking for an affordable and reliable HVAC solution for your home? Check out our selection of gas packaged units (also known as gas packs) for sale! The term gas pack is short for gas/electric packaged unit. The name indicates it heats with gas and cools with electricity, so there are two separate components for the two functions. Gas packs are less costly than many HVAC options, relatively easy to install, and are quieter indoors since the entire system is outdoors. Most gas packs are installed where standard split systems aren’t an option due to lack of basement or when roof mounting is necessary. If this sounds like the environment in which you need to install your new HVAC system, a gas pack could be the right choice for you! When searching for your new gas packaged unit, let the experts at Go Direct Appliance help you with choosing the unit that fits your home or business best. We carry high-quality gas packaged units from trusted HVAC brands such as Goodman and Direct Comfort. We take great pride in providing our customers with nothing but the best customer service, and want our customers to be 100 percent satisfied with their purchase. Additionally, all of our gas packaged units are shipped directly to you on the same day or next business day! If you have any questions regarding our gas packaged units for sale, contact us online or give us a call today to speak with one of our expert team members to see why you should choose Go Direct Appliance for all of your HVAC needs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Packaged AC Units

What makes Gas Packaged Units Unique?

Gas packaged units provide cooling and heating in one unit! In a way, they are similar to electric packaged units, but instead of an electrically powered air conditioner paired with electric strips for heating, gas packs pair a natural gas furnace with an air conditioner, or have a heat pump powered by propane, gas, or oil. Feel free to get in touch with us today if you have any questions!

Do Gas Packs Require Less Space?

Since gas packs are two units in one, they save more space! The extra room is what makes them a customer favorite nationwide because they can be used in apartment buildings, commercial buildings, modular homes, mobile homes, and condos. Even though gas packaged units used to be clunky and bulky, modern models are much more compact and sleek. You can mount them on rooftops or on the ground, and due to all the components being in one place, they’re easier to repair!

Are Gas Packaged Units Energy Efficient?

Yes! Matching an affordable AC system with efficient natural gas heating can reduce utility bills. Gas packaged units provide a powerful and cost-effective solution to heating and cooling large and mid-sized spaces, as well as multiple rooms. Be sure to check out our Goodman gas packaged units, as well as our Direct Comfort gas packaged units for sale!