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Picture this. You’re sitting in your comfy, cool home on a hot day when all of a sudden the temperature skyrockets. Your air conditioner is broken, oh no! Your house becomes stuffy and damp in a matter of minutes as a result of the unrestrained heat.
When an air conditioner breaks, it can be uncomfortable at best and unhealthy at worst (heatstroke, breathing issues, etc.). However, don’t let a malfunctioning air conditioner sap your spirit!
From Daikin appliances and Goodman HVAC appliances to a Direct Comfort HVAC system, Go Direct Appliance has you covered! For information on what to do next if your air conditioner breaks, keep reading below.

When Residing in an Apartment

If you live in an apartment and your air conditioner suddenly stops working, you should contact your landlord as soon as possible and submit a maintenance request. Your landlord will more than likely be responsible for the cost of the repair. Make sure you review your lease carefully to figure out your apartment’s policy on maintenance.

When Living in a House

If you live in a home, you’re more than likely responsible for maintaining the air conditioner. You may either attempt to fix it yourself or call a repair service of your choosing. If the problem is a simple one, then doing it yourself may be fine.
However, if you don’t have experience fixing appliances or you can’t identify the problem, then it’s probably not a good idea to fix the air conditioning unit yourself. Try your best to get help from a professional instead.

Prior to the Fix

A few difficult days could result from having to wait for the air conditioning to be fixed. In the meantime, here are some ways to stay cool.

  • Opening windows can be good or bad, depending on how the weather is feeling. If it’s humid, cracking open windows will unfortunately make your home feel worse–but! If there’s even the slightest breeze, opening up your windows can make a big difference.
  • Fans are another good way to keep your home from turning into a sauna, since they can circulate air throughout the room.
  • To lessen the amount of heat being let in while your air conditioner is broken, think about closing your blinds or curtains throughout the day if you have windows that allow in a lot of sunlight.

Broken Air Conditioner? Call Go Direct!

Why choose us? When your home is in need of high-quality and trustworthy appliances, you can depend on Go Direct Appliance! We want you to know that, as always, your family’s safety and comfort are our top priority. So if you have a broken air conditioner, we’ve got you covered!
Give us a call at (229) 316-1266 or visit us on our website today, where we offer nationwide shipping! We look forward to helping you!

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