What’s the Best Heating System for Winter?

Do you wanna stay warm and cozy all winter long? If the answer is yes, you need to upgrade your heater! If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s heating system, air conditioning system, or your entire HVAC system with a system that’s quiet, efficient, affordable, and easy to use, or if you want to add more capability to your existing system, a mini split heat pump is a great option to use. Since mini split heat pump systems don’t require ductwork or other complications, they’re ideal for single-room additions or homes without air ducts, and their flexible design means they can go pretty much anywhere.

There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for a mini split heat pump system, however. In this blog, we’ll look at what to look for – and what to avoid – when searching for your home or business’s winter heating system.

How a Mini Split Heat Pump Works in Cold Weather

A heat pump split system works by pumping heat energy between two areas, using two parts called a “condenser” and “evaporator.” While it might not make sense at first that such a system can pull heat from cold winter air, there’s still enough heat energy in air as cold as -15 °F for a cold climate heat pump to work. The optimal temperature range for a conventional mini split heat pump is over 25-30 °F, however, so make sure to install a heat pump that’s right for your climate.

What’s the Heating System for Cold Weather?

There are several brands of mini split heat pump that work well in cold temperatures. Many of them can help you save money heating your house this winter, just because a mini split heat pump is more efficient, flexible, and cheaper to run and maintain than a conventional system. Here are some of the best brands of mini split heat pumps for cold weather:

  • DAIKIN: a well-known Japanese brand, specializing in residential heat pumps, that features motion-detecting infrared sensors and can activate energy-saving mode when a room has been empty for 20 minutes
  • MITSUBISHI: a pioneer of mini split heat pumps, this brand features units with electric belt heating that’s faster and more performant in freezing climates.
  • LG: this brand has available Wi-Fi connectivity as well as full efficiency down to -5°F.
  • FUJITSU & RUUD: what some call the absolute best mini split heat pump for cold weather, Fujitsu has been making high-quality heaters and coolers for 40 years, and units have several features

Mini Split Heat Pumps Available Now from Go Direct Appliance

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