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Bryant 2.5 Ton 13.4 Seer2 Heat Pump Package Unit

Bryant 2.5 Ton 13.4 Seer2 Heat Pump Package Unit

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 = Single Packaged Heat Pump System / Type of Unit
N = 208/230-1-60 / Electrical Supply
K = Major Series
030 = 2.5 Tons / Nominal Cooling Capacity
000 = Heat Input Size (Btuh)

Single-Packaged Heat Pump Units with:
  • Easy installation design
  • Corrosion-proof unit base
  • Class leading sound ratings
  • Sloped drain for improved indoor air quality
  • Scroll compressors
  • Front and side service access
  • Louvered panel coil protection
  • Aluminum coil
  • Cabinet air leakage less than 2.0% at 1.0 in. W.C. and cabinet air leakage less than 1.4% at 0.5 in W.C. when tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard 193
This unit is a packaged heat pump for manufactured housing, residential, and light commercial applications. Factory assembled package is a compact, horizontal supply and return unit, combining easy installation and maintenance with efficient performance.
EASY TO INSTALL - The units are lightweight, compact single package units that are easy to handle. Every size unit has an identical 32by 51-in. (813 by 1295 mm) footprint to make job site planning simple. The efficient design uses less sheet metal and makes this unit lighter than competitive units. The unit can be easily positioned on the job site with the hand-holds built into the unit basepan.
AERODYNAMIC FAN BLADE DESIGN - reduces overall sound by up to 3dBA; as low as 72dBA.
SERVICE ACCESS - The units are designed to be serviced from both front and side. Routine maintenance tasks, such as coil cleaning, are sped up with the multiple side panels design.
CORROSION PROOF UNIT BASE - The unit features a tough, high-tech, single-piece composite material unit base with an integrated drain. The composite material eliminates the potential problem of rust and premature replacement which are common with standard metal pans. Each unit base is sloped to eliminate standing water. This feature minimizes the amount of standing water inside the unit, which limits mold and mildew growth.
DURABLE STEEL CABINET - The watertight construction and corrosion-resistant finish will keep it looking like new for years. A specialized paint treatment process ensures quality protection against the elements. A compact, low-profile design utilizes a louvered coil enclosure for maximum protection against hail damage and vandalism.
SCROLL COMPRESSORS - Each unit comes standard with a scroll compressor. Each scroll compressor is hermetically sealed against contamination to help promote longer life and dependable operation. All scroll compressors have internal high-pressure and overcurrent protection.
COIL EFFICIENCY - Indoor and outdoor coils are computer designed for optimum heat transfer and cooling efficiency.
DEFROST SYSTEM - The system provides time/ temperature-based defrost cycles to maintain unit efficiency. This highly reliable system monitors coil temperature and initiates a defrost cycle only if it is required. The defrost cycle ends as soon as defrosting is complete.
ACCESSORY ELECTRIC HEATERS - A variety of accessory electric heaters are available for these units. These heaters are comprised of a separate heater module mounted on the blower inlet and remote mounted controls located in the unit control box. Single point electrical connections are provided for powering both the heater and the unit.
START COLLARS - Start collars are provided with each unit to provide easy connection to the structure ductwork.
DEPENDABLE COMPONENTS - Direct-drive, multi-speed blower motor is standard on all models.
DIRECT-DRIVE, PSC OUTDOOR-FAN MOTORS are designed to help reduce energy consumption and provide for cooling operation down to 40°F (4.4°C). It’s high efficiency design ensures high performance with most duct systems.
REFRIGERANT SYSTEM is designed to provide dependability. Liquid refrigerant filter driers are used to promote clean, unrestricted operation. Each unit leaves the factory with a full refrigerant charge and is fully run tested. Refrigerant service connections make checking operating pressure easier.
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