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Goodman 4 Ton 16 SEER Heat Pump System GSZC160481

Goodman 4 Ton 16 SEER Heat Pump System GSZC160481

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Complete Goodman 4.0 ton dual-stage heat pump system with a multi position air handler.

Includes 4.0 ton heat pump GSZC160481 and a 4.0 ton air handler AVPTC61D14

10 Year Factory Warranty on parts and a limited lifetime warranty on the compressor.

Made in America


GSZC160481 (Outside Unit)

The Goodman® brand GSZC16 16 SEER Heat Pump uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A and features energy efficiencies and operating sound levels that are among the best in the heating and air conditioning industry. R-410A is chlorine-free to help prevent damage to the ozone layer. The GSZC16 features the two-stage, high-efficiency Copeland® UltraTech scroll compressor, which provides improved temperature and humidity control.  This unit is designed for the consumer who desires superior comfort, quiet operation, and environmentally friendly air conditioning performance.

Standard Features of this Heat Pump

  • Two-Stage Copeland® UltraTech scroll compressor
  • R-410A environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Copeland® ComfortAlert diagnostics
  • ComfortNet™ Communications System compatible
  • Two-Speed condenser fan motor
  • High-quality foam compressor sound blanket
  • Loss of charge switch
  • High-pressure switch
  • Factory-installed filter dryer
  • Copper tubing / enhanced aluminum fin coil
  • Sweat connection service valves with easy access to gauge ports
  • ARI Certified; ETL Listed

AVPTC61D14 (Variable Speed)

The Goodman® Multi-Position, Variable-Speed Air Handler is suitable for use with refrigerant R-410A (models ending in 14) and is compatible with the ComfortNet™ Communicating System family of products.

The AVPTC ‘s blower design includes a variable-speed direct current motor, which helps eliminate the cold blast of air upon heating start-up often associated with single-speed units. This air handler is ideal for either new or retrofit installations.

Standard Features

    • Compatible with the ComfortNet™ Communicating System family of products
    • Maximum four low-voltage wires required for operation in communicating mode
    • Auto configuration of the airflow and tonnage in communicating mode
    • In non-communicating mode, up to 12 field-selectable airflow settings can be adjusted to optimize the system’s CFM for each individual mode of operation
    • R-410A refrigerant-compatible
    • Factory-installed thermal expansion valves for cooling and heat pump applications
    • Variable-speed ECM blower motor
    • All-aluminum evaporator coil
    • Provides constant CFM over a wide range of static pressure conditions independent of duct system
    • Provides adjustable low CFM for efficient fan-only operation
    • CFM indicator with front-panel sight glass
    • Improved humidity control and comfort
    • Compatible with variable-capacity heat pumps and cooling applications
    • Built-in coil has horizontal, vertical, and downflow drain pans with secondary drain connections
    • AHRI Certified; ETL Listed


Condenser: W35 1/2″ x D35 1/2″ x H34 5/8″

Air Handler: W21″ x D21″ x H58″

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