Packaged Units

Packaged units are able to both heat and cool your home

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When it comes to choosing the HVAC system that best fits the needs of your home, be sure to check out our excellent selection of packaged units for sale here at Go Direct Appliance! Packaged units are able to both heat and cool your home, which means they are one of the most versatile options on the HVAC market. All the components necessary to heat and cool your home or business are in one outdoor unit, which means it’s great for people who need to save space. These low-maintenance units are also easy to install, are relatively inexpensive to repair and maintain, and generally result in lower utility bills, which is a bonus for anyone on a budget. We offer a great selection from trusted brands like Goodman, Direct Comfort, and Mr. Cool. Contact us today to learn more about packaged units and how one might be the right HVAC choice for your home or business!


Frequently Asked Questions About Packaged HVAC Units

What is a Packaged Unit?

A packaged unit is an outdoor, all-inclusive HVAC air conditioning and heating system that is placed either outside on the roof or next to a house, and produces air that runs throughout ducts to cool or heat the entire house.

What’s the Difference Between a Split System and a Packaged Unit?

The major difference between a split system and a packaged unit is that a packaged unit includes all of the components into one single unit for both heating and cooling, which is placed outside a home or establishment, whereas the split system divides the components into separate units for heating and cooling and are placed both inside and outside. Now that you know the differences, all you have to do is decide if you need a split system or a packaged unit!

What are the Benefits of a Packaged Unit?

There are several benefits with purchasing a packaged unit compared to the other HVAC options, such as versatility. Since a single unit has more placement options, lower utility costs, more interior space, easy and cost-efficient repairs, undemanding installation, and more power to heat/cool large spaces, it’s a great solution for people on a budget.


How Much is a Packaged HVAC Unit?

Prices for packaged HVAC units will vary depending on the type you choose. For gas packaged systems, prices are estimated to be $2,706 to $4,970. Straight cool systems, which are air conditioning systems, are estimated to range from $2,310-$3,959. Heat pump systems are estimated to price from $2,163-$4,527. The prices of these HVAC systems could fluctuate depending on tax and shipping. The other types of HVAC systems can fluctuate in price as well.