Split HVAC Systems

Split HVAC Systems

Split HVAC Systems For Sale at Go Direct Appliance

When it comes to choosing the HVAC system that best fits the needs of your home, be sure to check out our excellent selection of Split HVAC Systems for sale here at Go Direct Appliance! Split Systems are responsible for both the heating and the cooling of your home, and they are one of the most versatile HVAC systems on the market. Split Systems are composed of separate units that are situated both inside and outside your home, which work in synchrony to provide optimal indoor comfort and temperature year-round. Split HVAC Systems are an excellent choice for either large or small homes since they are customizable, more efficient than other HVAC systems, and require very minimal maintenance year-round. Our most popular brands are Goodman, Mr. Cool, and Direct Comfort! Give us a call today to learn more about which Split System is best for your home!

Frequently Asked Questions about Split HVAC Systems

What are split HVAC systems?

Split systems are a type of HVAC systems that comprises an outdoor cabinet and an indoor cabinet, both providing different functions for the system as a whole. In the outdoor cabinet, you will find the compressor and the condenser. The indoor cabinet holds the evaporator coil as well as an air handler that sends the cool air through the duct system. Check out our split systems for sale, available in gas models, heat pump models, and straight cool models directly from Go Direct Appliance! For more information on ductless systems, check out our blog on Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps!

Is a mini split HVAC system still worth it?

A mini split HVAC system is a worthy investment, especially for commercial structures. They allow for quick cooling and operate without the need for a central system. By eliminating the central unit, you are able to save money, and cool specific areas. Check out our ductless mini split systems for sale today! 

How long should a split HVAC system last?

Most new split systems last on average between 7 and 10 years. Owners should be able to get a healthy long life out of their split system HVAC equipment. Brands typically carry parts in their catalog for 7 to 10 years, so finding a replacement for your system should be a breeze. Obviously, the better care you have for your split system, the longer your system will last, and this goes for indoor air units and outdoor units. With any questions regarding the maintenance of your split system air conditioner, be sure to send our team a message. 

Do you need a mini split in every room?

No, it is not necessary to have a mini split heating and cooling system in every room of your house. With split systems placed in the common areas of your home, the air flow should be sufficient and the air should circulate well., but it may be necessary to add an additional outdoor condenser unit, as these units attach easily to indoor units. Before purchasing, you should definitely figure out what size air conditioner your home needs!